Metanarrative The Bible’s One Story of Love, Truth and Beauty

Now available! Metanarrative—the book. A thousand generations. One story.

The Bible is not a hodge-podge of scattered maxims and philosophical principles. It is rather a coherent story about God and the path he walks with his people.

Wedding beautiful, non-technical prose to a set of epic music lyrics in the margins, Tim Gallant’s Metanarrative traces the narrative arc of the whole Bible, unpacking a story of love, truth and beauty.

Starting before the beginning, and leading us through creation and the fall in Eden, through the stories of Abraham and Israel, the coming of the Messiah and all the way to final glory, this book offers an excellent foundation for learning the shape of biblical history and the patterns of God’s actions in rescuing weak and sinful people.

You can find purchasing info on the Pactum Books web site. Featuring innovative, beautiful typesetting, it makes an excellent gift for all of your friends and loved ones.

The companion music is an ongoing project under a process of improvement. The latest versions are available for free download from the music page of this site—or you can stream them from the player on this page.

Tim Gallant is the author of several books, including the influential study on paedocommunion, Feed My Lambs, Paul’s Travail, a full-length commentary on Galatians, and The Legend of the Dagger Prince, a medievalesque fantasy novel. He graduated with honors from Mid-America Reformed Seminary in 2000.